New toy! Odroid XU4 :)

I love these computers!


This week I recieved a new arm-based computer, An Odroid XU4 from Hardkernel.
This beast have a Samsung big.LITTLE processor with 4 (Cortex A15)+4 (Cortex A7) cores, 2Gb ram, gigabit ethernet, 2 USB3 ports, 1 USB2 port and HDMI out.

Top view. Look at that beautiful blue heatsink!
The size is about the same as an Raspberry Pi.
The case I bought wasn’t that good looking, but it does the job of protecting the motherboard.

My plan is to make this the new host for this site… someday.
But first I´m going to play a little with it.

In the Odroid forum you can find a lot of help and information.

Right now I`m play around a bit with Android and RetroPi.
But soon I hope to start configure WordPress on it.

Some links for more information and other stuff

Hardkernels product page for the XU4.
Armbian Linux image.
RetroPi instructions for manuall install on the XU4 and the offical Hardkernel Linux image they base the the installation on.
DietPi Linux image, partly based on Armbian.


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